Thursday, November 19, 2009

TGRWT #20: pumpkin and cooked chicken, PART 2

Tonight I made another dish for TGRWT #20. This time I made a pumpkin curry with chicken. The curry was made up of onions, curry leaves, turmeric, fresh ginger, mustard seed, green chilies, cumin seed, coconut milk, pumpkin and chicken. Unfortunately the chilies that I used (grown by my girlfriends father) were somewhat overpowering - and while the coconut milk helped cut through them, they were still the predominant flavor. Everything still worked together nicely. The pumpkin and chicken went together perfectly fine but they didn't really jump out and scream 'we go really well together' Overall a nice dish, but not a knockout.


  1. Sounds terrific, as I love those ingredients. What type of chili did you use?

  2. im not really sure. it was small. and green. and VERY hot. as i mentioned, my girlfriend dad grows them in his garden and i get a bag to use.