Saturday, June 5, 2010

Au Pied de Cochon

Living in upstate New York has the advantage of being in close proximity to several major cities. Earlier this week, Sheena and I made the trip to Montreal. When we arrived, we had a quick lunch in Chinatown. After that we walked around and did a little shopping. From there we went to the Jean-Talon Market, which was one of the most amazing outdoor markets either of us have been to. We are looking forward to returning later in the summer when the market is at its peak. To end the day, we had some light fare at Au Pied De Cochon.

We started with the Accra de Morue. These were served with a lovely house mayo:
Next up was the Roti de Porcelet. This was very nice, but somewhat uneventful:
We also tried the Soupe a l'Oignon Gratine, which included lots of yummy pork:
For our entrees, we shared some Poutine:
I had the famous Canard en Conserve, aka Duck in a Can:
Sheena had La Coupe PDC, which is a behemoth (0.5 kg) pork chop:
For dessert we had some espresso with an exceptional Creme Brulee:
Au Pied De Cochon certainly lived up to its expectations - everything was incredibly rich and satisfying. We both left in a daze from the enormous portions. The service at the restaurant was among the best I have ever experienced, everyone seemed so natural in their position. We saw a few seafood platters go to another table, both of which looked incredible. We are really looking forward to trying them next time we are in Montreal.

Au Pied De Cochon
536 Duluth Est
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 1A9

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