Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blackbird lunch

So...back to Blackbird. When we were here my first night in Chicago, I noticed a $22 prix fixe lunch option. I had a couple days off from school this week so I made my way there to give it a try.

Course 1:

Coffee-scented fluke tartare with lemon cucumber, saffron, and bread sauce - As a tartare course there's not a whole lot to say. The fluke was nice and fresh - the cucumbers added a nice textural contrast. I wasn't crazy about the saffron crisps - they were a little too hard making them difficult to eat. The bread sauce was nice - second time having bread sauce in Chicago and I gotta say its pretty awesome.

Course 2:

Wood-grilled sturgeon with ham hock, red beet, cabbage, smoked date puree, walnut consomme - This was SO good. Sturgeon may be my new favorite fish. YUM.

Course 3:
Chestnut brioche, Asian pear, Pedro Ximenez sherry, tarragon ice cream - This was decent. The brioche was sliced in three different thicknesses, each one a little more caramelized than the other. I'm not sure if this was intentional but it was really good and a nice touch. The tarragon ice cream was a *little* strong, but still enjoyable. The pears were definitely too ripe and somewhat overpowering. The sherry worked better in some bites than in others. Good but not great.

Blackbird continues to impress me and needless to say, the lunch prix fixe is a serious bargain. I'm really looking forward to returning - hopefully for their dinner tasting menu.

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