Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cozy Noodle & Rice

Okay so Cozy Noodle & Rice is a (seemingly) popular Thai restaurant in Wrigleyville. They have a pretty cheap lunch menu that they are known for, featuring $2 soups, $5 noodle dishes, and $6 entrees.

I stopped in for some lunch...every surface in the restaurant looks like this:

I ordered the 'Ginger' entree, which came with some spring rolls:

These were spongy and kind of gross. The sauce was also much sweeter than I am used to having with spring rolls. Not a fan.

My entree was made up of chicken, ginger, onion, black mushrooms, carrots, and dry hot pepper. This wasn't really anything great. Not bad by any means, just...forgettable. It was VERY spicy.

Still wanting some quality Thai, I headed over to TAC Quick later in the week:

I started with some Kai Tod, which is deep fried marinated chicken with 'Thai special sauce'. This was just good fried chicken. The kind thats intentionally over done so it gets that great crispy chewy texture. I loved it.

My waitress recommended the special, Neua Pad Bai Horapha or Spicy Thai basil:
So this is something I've had at lots of Thai restaurants. Its more or less so spicy stir fried beef in a thick, sticky sauce with loads of Thai basil. This was by far the best example I've ever had. Utterly satisfying in every way. TAC Quick is quickly (sorry!) becoming one of my favorite places. Can't wait to go back.

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