Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mobile chinatown

Testing out mobile blogging. My Internet connection at the apartment has been iffy at best this week so I figured I'd give this a least autocorrect will fix my horrible spelling. I was in Chinatown this afternoon and had a great lunch at Lao shanghai. Started with some drunken chicken and chicken feet with wine sauce. Both were tasty. After that we had some soup dumplings - xaio bao long:

These dumplings were better than the ones I had at moon palace a few weeks ago. The dough was much thinner and ha a better filling to broth ratio. They also didn't all stick together and tear apart when you pick them up.

Also had some dried chili chicken. It was good - and even spicier than it looks. According to Sheena, this dish is where general Tsos chicken came from. Needless to say, it is infinitely better than any GTC I've had.

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