Sunday, February 20, 2011

TAC for more

So my Internet connection is still kind of hairy so I guess I'll be using this mobile blogging app until that gets straightened out. What that means is I wont be doing any lengthy write ups for a hot minute.

We just finished 3 days of practical exams in school which concludes the bread, breakfast pastries, and petite fours section. Tomorrow we start cakes with the famous Pierre Zimmermann. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to work with him.

This week is restaurant week in chicago so I'll be eating out a little more often and hopefully staying on top of my posts. I still have a huge backlog of restaurants to write about.

Last week a friend and I headed over to TAC Quick - they love Thai and hadn't been to TAC yet...and it did not disappoint.

So starting at 1:00 in the photo we have Kra Phrao Kai Yeow Ma, which is stir-fried minced chicken with crispy basil leaves, served over fried preserved duck eggs. Here's a close up:

This was really awesome...the egg and chicken were super flavorful and the basil was wonderfully crisp.

Back to the first picture, at 3:00 is the boat noodles that I have written about before. I've had these 3 or 4 times and they have been consistently awesome. I would recommend them over all else when going to TAC Quick.

Last, at about 10:00 is the green curry with beef, Ginger, and eggplant served over omelette. This was a great green curry...not much else to say. The omelette was awesome.

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