Thursday, February 10, 2011


Its no secret that I am in love with TAC Quick. I wanted to grab a bite to eat there this afternoon but wound up taking a long nap I'm awake and hungry and they're closed. Bummer. Heres what I had last time:

Nam Prik Kapi Plaa Too - Shrimp paste chili served with fried trout, cha om omelet, fried eggplant, and raw vegetable. When I ordered this, my waitress warned me it was 'smelly'. Which it wasn't. I was expecting stinky tofu bad. This was tasty, albiet a little bland.

Moo Ping - Thai style grilled marinated pork with spicy sauce. How can you go wrong with grilled pork? Now Im getting a serious craving for Com/Bun Thit Nuong. Maybe a trip to little Saigon is in my future.

I have a reservation at Alinea tonight so expect a post on that soon. I also have quite a back log going right now, including Bistro Margot, Cafe Des Architectes, Charlie Trotters, Davanti Enoteca, Henri, Kith & Kin, Tango Sur, and so and on.

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