Sunday, February 27, 2011


After having my first Chicago pie at a place called Pequods (no pictures or write up for this - but it was SERIOUSLY good), I couldn't pass up the chance to check out Vanille. Vanille is a small patisserie in DePaul run by the Chefs Dimitri and Keli Fayard. Both chefs have very impressive backgrounds which you can read all about on their website. Dimitri is also a chef instructor at my school.

The display case at Vanille (stole this picture from Julia):

Close up of the macarons (also stole this from Julia):

Being pretty full from pizza, I settled on some espresso, a pistachio eclair, and some caramel macaroons:

The pistachio eclair was very nice:

As were the macarons - perfectly aged...a light crack giving way to a chewy, flavorful center:


We have moved onto the cakes section at school. This one is made of pistachio dacquoise, passionfruit-apricot gelee, nougat mousse with apricots, pistachios, pecans, and cherries:

This one was made of coconut dacquoise, passionfruit mousse with kirsch & candied pineapple, and coconut mousse:

Thats it!

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