Monday, May 30, 2011

View from the top

Pho 888
So, over the course of the past six months I've photographed more food than I have..well...ever. Its not something that makes sense to me in the way that photographing architecture or landscapes does. I feel like no matter what, it is never presented in a what they does the food justice.
The Publican
I should clarify that all of this is  in reference to my own food photography. Maybe its because Im too self conscious to use flash in a restaurant or to take thirty shots while my food rapidly reaches room temperature. Anyway, I have found that I enjoy one particular type of photo...the birds eye view.
The Original Pancake House
Im sure theres a real name for this style but...I dont know it or care to google it. What I love is the stuff you see other than the food. How the table is set. How messy the meal was. How clean a plate is after eating. Where napkins land.

The Publican

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  1. I like this bird's eye view thing. And yum.