Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cafe Spiaggia

Its been a while since this meal - so this will be a quick write up! 

I went to Cafe Spiaggia during restaurant week this past...winter. Cafe Spiaggia is the poor mans Spiaggia, both of which are owned (?) by Tony Montuano who you would probably recognize from his...many TV appearances. The dining room here is seriously charming. My table was essentially in a bay window overlooking Michigan was really cool.  

 Bread service was great - had a nice sampling of different varieties. 

 Olive, Noci e Pastinache - Just a nice variety of snacks. Cerignola, Gaeta, Alfonso, Torremaggiore, orange zest, pickled fennel, Sicilian almonds, pumpkin seeds, cicerchie beans, walnuts, crispy parsnip strips, sage, parsley. 

Course 1:
Fegato - Rabbit liver mousse, cranberry compote, arugula, baguette. 

Course 2: 
 Gnocchi - Menu says gnocchi...but pretty sure these are cavatelli or some similar pasta. Served with wild boar ragu and Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Course 3:
 Polipo - Octopus, potatoes, sambuca, jalapenos, garlic, lemon. This is the course that I really remember, it was SERIOUSLY yum. 

Course 4:
Gelati/Sorbetti. I dont remember what flavors. Oh well!

I definitely enjoyed my meal here - everything was pretty solid. For a restaurant week menu they really knocked it out of the park. Too often restaurants just fall back to whatever is easy to scoop and serve just to turn tables during restaurant week...and seldom do they take advantage of the opportunity to wow guests who otherwise wouldn't be there. There wasn't anything too crazy on the menu but everything tasted great - the starter was varied and generous, and there was something like ten options to pick from for the other courses.  So yay...good job cafe spiaggia!

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