Monday, May 30, 2011

View from the top

Pho 888
So, over the course of the past six months I've photographed more food than I have..well...ever. Its not something that makes sense to me in the way that photographing architecture or landscapes does. I feel like no matter what, it is never presented in a what they does the food justice.
The Publican
I should clarify that all of this is  in reference to my own food photography. Maybe its because Im too self conscious to use flash in a restaurant or to take thirty shots while my food rapidly reaches room temperature. Anyway, I have found that I enjoy one particular type of photo...the birds eye view.
The Original Pancake House
Im sure theres a real name for this style but...I dont know it or care to google it. What I love is the stuff you see other than the food. How the table is set. How messy the meal was. How clean a plate is after eating. Where napkins land.

The Publican

Thursday, May 26, 2011

oh yeah

Im still here. School & life got the best of me and I neglected this thing for nearly two months. Fear not, I still ate food. And yes I still have a massive backlog dating back to January. School is rapidly approaching the end, which is super depressing - I haven't gone on too much about this place but its pretty much a pastry heaven. Best chefs, best ingredients, best equipment & facilities...every day I continue to be dumbfounded by the things I see. Take today, for instance, I spent most of the morning casually working on a chocolate showpiece and for lunch I ate a buffet put together by world pastry champion, Leonardo DiCarlo & a class of visiting professionals. A few weeks ago I got to watch another world pastry champion, Dimitri Fayard, make entremets all morning and then later that day I spent the afternoon watching Stephan Leroux, MOF, make chocolate showpieces. I was saying - school is coming to an end soon and I will make the pilgrimage back to New York. As the capital disctic isn't quite the culinary capital of the world, I'll probably start writing about some other stuff...and maybe about food or pastries I am making. I don't have any concrete plans for when I get back home so who knows what could happen.

So heres a bit of what I've been doing. A few friends and I have been having little dinner parties somewhat regularly - one of these friends is a vegetarian and I have been trying to make some fun dishes so she can enjoy the food as well. Borrowing (heavily) from chefs who inspire me (as all young chefs should do) I made a pea shell consomme that was particularly awesome:

Here it is prior to the (chilled) consomme (pea shell, shallot, garlic, mint) was poured. The soup was garnished with lightly blanched peas, pea shoots, lilac blossoms, lemon zest, macadamia, white chocolate, and spearmint. This was an incredibly refreshing and light soup. I used the leftover consomme to make a very nice pea risotto. I love doing table side pours on soups like this..where you spend a bit of time delicately placing all of the garnishes for the soup in the bowl only to have it destroyed in front of the guest moments after it is placed in front of them - this process has always reminded me of buddhist monks destroying their sand mandalas.  

Thats it for now