Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well well well

It sure has been a while. Nearly three years by my count. Not sure what to make of this now-a-days. My hiatus was due mostly to a 2 year stint running the pastry department at a restaurant in Upstate New York. That and being completely uninspired and lazy. I can't really make up any excuses - it can be a real pain to  keep this thing updated with any regularity. But I've had some time off, some time to reflect. I miss writing. I've always felt that this blog felt somewhat forced, I pretty much just stuck with restaurant & food. Not any more. I think removing the boundaries will free me up to write more frequently and intuitively. Whats been going on with me? Not a whole hell of a lot that merits discussion. We're planning on traveling this fall, taking a road trip around the US. It is shaping up to be fairly extensive and should last a few months. So...I suspect I will be writing mostly about that for a while.

So what now? Well shit...I'm not sure. I will start with some random pictures.

Testing out the fisheye I picked up for the trip. Best $40 investment I've made in a while!

Another fisheye shot, in the garden.

Paella cooking

Serving the Paella. We made this (for 20 people) for my grandparents 70th Anniversary. 

Some PadrĂ³n Peppers from the anniversary. You picking up on the theme?

We constructed these trellis' for all of our melons and squash - growing them vertically saves an enormous amount of room and the only expense was the chicken wire - all other materials were salvaged. 

John Boyd Thacher State Park

Somewhere in Upstate NY

I found Wild Strawberries just about everywhere this summer. 

Some fungus on Peebles Island. 

A Croquembouche I made for a wedding sometime in the past year or two.

And lastly, my main man, Petey Wonder - in the shit. Read his blog, it is better than mine.


  1. Let me know if your trip takes you out to NH or there abouts!

  2. Chris, we're aiming to stay out of the northeast as it is the most accessible to us when we are at home in New York. We do plan on going up to ME and back on the return, if we have the $. Ill let you know!