Monday, November 2, 2015

The wall is the art

Here's a quick one made up mostly of notes since the last one...some are more dated than others 

Some Shit:

I recall one time at a restaurant where I used to work,  I ran into one of our runners early one day. I asked, 'Why are you here now?" and he said 'I was told to come in so I could sit in the office all day and submit votes for the restaurant' - this was in regards to some 'best of' thing in some paper or web site. I cant remember the specifics, but you get the point

New paint wont cover up shitty food

The best food we had at the Columbia County Fair was apple cider from Golden Harvest.

Lots of recipe testing for Little Pecks these past few weeks. 

J&I are heading to Montreal this weekend. (Last weekend of September)

We had many great meals in Montreal - including a dinner at Le Mousso

Wanderlust is all-consuming 

Unlike spring, fall is coming (came) in right on schedule. I pass Dinosaur BBQ every day on my way into work - the smell of crisp fall air mixed with smoke on an overcast morning...its a welcome change 

There are so many ideas that will have to wait until next year

For the past nine (eleven) months we have been pretty certain about relocating to Seattle sometime next year - but after recent discussions we have decided to play roulette with relocating. We will look for work in several cities (and countries) and wherever we get a bite first - we will move.

We are planning another road tip before we move.

As much as I hate the heat - all I can think about is the dessert in the American Southwest

Its Hatch Chile season (not for long) (nope)

The Tavern Noodle Pop Up was fun - but we are all glad to be back to the regular grind of Peck's.

I remember getting Hatch Chile cheeseburgers at McDonalds in Arizona.

We've found the best (and most consistent) time to eat at La Mexicana in Schenectady is early Sunday afternoons. Any other time is a gamble. My normal order is a Tlayuda and a Michelada.  


'You're sweaty, like a lizard' VC

'All I do is eat pizza in the alley way. Thats my life' VC

'I wish they would have a grease fire already' JH

'Fried chicken should just replace croutons in all salads' NR

'This dude came here with his department of what the fuck shirt on' CN

'Good morning!' - 'What's so good about it?' HD

'How ya doin?' - 'Better than some, worse than others' DT

'The craziest pizza I ever had in n y c, it was like lasagna noodles on pizza with some pepperoni or something' HM

'Mom! I'm looking at the new star wars stuff! It looks so different!' - 'I DONT care' (kid & mom at target)

'Did anyone happen to find two balls of mozzarella I set down earlier?' NR

'I don't want a magic stegosaurus' JB


  1. Actually published on Halloween

  2. I'm always skeptical of any popularity contest that lets you vote more than once.

  3. Fried chicken is a good one.
    Fried bone marrow may be better.

    1. The only thing that comes to mind with fried bone marrow is a burnt mouth! does sound good though.

      Once upon a time I made some chicken fried foie...finished with some spicy honey and flaky salt...oh boy it was good.