Sunday, January 24, 2016


Bowtie is showing Eraserhead this weekend. The first time I saw it in a theater was in the early 2000's at the Red Vic in San Francisco (famous for its love seats in the first couple rows). It never really dawned on me how funny the movie was until seeing it in this setting - with the entire theater laughing hysterically. 

I also saw Blue Velvet at the Red Vic on another trip - it was equally as funny.

The funniest movie going experience of my life was at the Madsion Theater in Albany - in a former version of itself. I knew a projectionist who worked there and somehow he convinced his bosses to let him hold what we wound up calling 'Punk Movie Nights'. The basic idea was: have private screenings of movies for friends after the theater closed for the night. The first one he did was for the Jackass movie which, at the time, was just being released. After a show got out at Valentines (I could be remembering this incorrectly) - basically everyone migrated over to the Madison to see the movie. I don't remember the details very clearly, as there was a lot of alcohol involved - but I do remember laughing so hard tears were running down my face and the sound of 40s rolling down the aisle, as well as seeing beer cans flying through the audience. It looked like a war zone after the movie was over.

There were maybe half a dozen more punk movie nights after this - and they were all a blast.

I dragged J to see the Revenant. I have been a fan of Alejandra Gonzalez Inarritu since I first saw Amores Perros in 2000. But even more importantly - Emmanuel Lubezki is one of my all time favorite photographers, and shooting an entire film in the Canadian wilderness with natural light...I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it. The movie was good - albeit challenging - and it was breathtakingly beautiful. It was amazing how much the landscape felt like a character in the movie. 

The thing that surprised me the most about the Revenant was its references to Alejandro Jodorowsky's, 'The Holy Mountain' - an old favorite that is equally filled with symbolic imagery

A scene in The Holy Mountain that is directly referenced in The Revenant 

Hateful Eight, however, I did not enjoy. And considering how much of the movie takes place in a single room or the inside of stagecoach  - the super wide 70 mm seemed wasted.

Chipotle is offering paid sick leave to give its employees inventive not to come to work when they are sick - theoretically to prevent them from geting customers sick.  I have no clue what the kitchen culture is like at Chipotle or places like it - but what I can say is that every kitchen I have ever worked or spent time in : there is a HUGE stigma attached to taking a sick day. A personal day? I can only imagine its worse - but I've never actually seen anyone try to take one. 

I can't think of a single time I have called in sick to a restaurant. The closest I have ever come was the day someone very close to me died. To be clear - they died before my shift and I still went in and got things going before leaving early to take care of the affairs. 

Any time I have seen someone call in sick, the amount of shit talk that is a result is staggering. We have all heard stories about people losing a finger, going to the emergency room - and then returning to work to finish out their shift.  I remember Dominic writing about a dishwasher who 'died' and still came to work later that day.

The basic idea in this industry is that you are never actually sick enough to not come to work.

You can learn a lot about who is sourcing what where by hanging out in the Restaurant Depot parking lot.

We are offering ice cream and sorbet by the scoop at Peck's now. One flavor of each, changing weekly-ish. The most popular flavor so far: Grilled Citrus Sorbet. I thought it tasted like an Arnold Palmer - which nobody else agreed with. 

We are also offering a daily five course tasting menu at our Chefs Counter. So far it has been well received and fun.

It took 2259 days to reach 100 posts. That is one post every 22 and a half days. In some ways that doesn't seem so bad, considering how many times this thing has been on hiatus. In other ways it seems like not nearly enough.

The boost in readership I get on Wednesdays from AOA's, 'Whats Up In The Neighborhood' (as well as their weekly recaps on Fridays) is certainly a motivating factor in putting up new posts. I've noticed the same pattern with some other local blogs too - posts going up just under the gun late Tuesday nights.

I've noticed that any time I write about the road trip, I am not included in WUITN. Initially I thought it may be because it wasn't locally relevant or whatever...but since then I have noticed other peoples travel posts being linked. My Sous Chef Bryan said its probably because comparatively, the posts are kind of boring. Im not sure that is unique enough for exclusion. Clearly I have thought way too much about this.

Rumor Has It: A chef with local connections is scouting locations in Albany County for a Blue Hill at Stone Barns like restaurant. They certainly have the financial backing for it.

Best source for restaurant gossip: Delivery drivers.


'That wiener has a wiener.' RT

'Convict the Hudson!' VC

'Hes got hot dog poisoning.' RT

'Did you learn anything?' 'Uh, yeah - don't hold on the end of a vibrator' JHS

'Gregs brain to wiener -  we need you guys ' RT

'If there was a dime on the floor I could pick it up with my ass' JHS

'Nail that penis to the wall' RT


  1. Glad you caught the Holy Mountain reference in the revenant, I was wondering about that myself

    1. Im surprised at the lack of anything when I googled it. lots of stuff to pour over though - definitely worth another watch

  2. One day I should ask Greg about his process for choosing those wednesday posts. I've had a few I thought he would pick that have been passed over. And sometimes I'm surprised when he picks one I think is less interesting.

    Then, there's the whole issue about ranking and which post gets listed first. I think I've only been in the pole position once, or maybe twice. These things occupy too much of my thoughts as well.

    Really curious about that Albany rumor. That would be interesting if they could actually pull it off and do it right.

    1. Its a mystery!

      Lots of rumors floating around...

      Pull it off? Maybe. Do it right? Doubtful.

  3. I've settled into a weekly schedule. I try to put up a new post Thursdays or Fridays every week. (I'm doing that for a reason. SHHH.. I've scooped AOA twice and I like to give my posts a 6 day lead in hopes of scooping them again. It's silly I know, but it's fun).

    I'm with you and Daniel, in that what posts AOA picks up seems to make no sense. Sometimes my not-so-local posts get picked up, sometimes not. But I am thankful to AOA. I get a lot of readers through them, in spite of me being near the bottom of the list most times.