Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Change is good.

Lets work backwards here:

This past weekend, we signed a lease for a new apartment in South Newfane, VT.

South Newfane is a tiny village in Eastern Vermont. We are right in the center between Dover (Mt. Snow), Wilmington, Brattleboro, and Putney.

We found this place because we were in the Dummerston area looking at a 'dream' apartment that was much less practical - and we thought we should also maybe look at something a little more "reasonable"

We found the 'dream' apartment in Dummerston on craigslist late one night. This place appealed greatly to us because it was designed and built by a very talented architect - who ultimately sold it to its current owners because rural life in VT proved to be a bit too difficult. The place is a design nerds dream and really, really resonated with us. It was also completely off the grid (solar and wind), on a 100 acre parcel (with a swim pond, apple orchard, gardens, etc..) and would require one of us to maintain it as a full time job. We liked the place so much we sketched out its design with the far fetched hope that maybe some day if we were able to have a home built - it would look not unlike this one.

I was on craigslist looking for apartments because Konigin was nervously pacing around our apartment while one of our upstairs neighbors vacuumed their apartment at 1:30 in the morning...keeping me up, annoyed, and bored enough to do things like look at apartments on craigslist a month after moving into a new apartment. At the exact moment -  there was nothing in the immediate area that met our criteria. Which lead to me gradually expand my search by slowly zooming out on the cragislist map.

Konigin came to us with a great fear of vacuums (among many other things). Often times, J will walk her while I vacuum the apartment. When we were living in downtown Troy, our apartment had a guy who would clean the common areas - and any time he was on our floor vacuuming, Konigin would go into a full blown panic attack. It didn't matter if he was on the opposite side of the building - as soon as she heard the faint noise, she would lose it. She even cowers if she sees a vacuum (when its turned off).

We got Konigin, in part, because we were in a less-than-ideal living situation and wanted/needed something to bring some joy into our lives. She has done just that, and we love her to pieces.

We were in that less-than-ideal living situation because we had spent every dime we had (and more that we didn't) travelling the US in a car for several months.

We were travelling the US in our car because we wanted to find a new city to live in. We somehow managed to find both too many and none at all.

We wanted to find a new city to live in because we both had somewhat recently relocated from somewhere we loved (Copenhagen/Chicago) back to the Capital District - and as much as we tried, we could not find anything apart from each other - that clicked for us.

We will be done moving as of 7/1.
All of this is terrifying, yes.
We have no plans.
No jobs lined up (know of anything?).
We are just going.
And we couldn't be happier.

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  1. BREAD, BREAD! Who's going to bake the fucking bread? Not to mention all pastries. Bona fortuna!